St John and the Ciy Defibrillator Project

  • Public Access Defibrillators

    Raising funds to provide Publicly accessible Automatic Emergency Defibrillators

  • Public Access Defibrillators

    For use by First Responders - not just ambulance personnel

  • Public Access Defibrillators

    Available for use by the public in accessible locations around the city.

  • Public Access Defibrillators

    Dramatically improve the chances for cardiac arrest survival by using one of our Automated Emergency Defibrillators. No experience is required.

  • Public Access Defibrillators

    Located around the city, St John Edinburgh and the City Council host and maintain these public-use defibrillators.

  • Public Access Defibrillators

    First Responders using an Automated Emergency Defibrillator can dramatically increase the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest.

Defibs at Edinburgh Castle

Defibrillators have been placed at Scotland's most popular tourist destination: on the Esplanade, at the Garrison Office, and at the One-o-Clock Gun, and have already been deployed to save  a life.

The Edinburgh Committee of St John Scotland decided in 2015 to lend their support to the provision of public access defibrillators throughout the City of Edinburgh, to aid the first response to its citizens and visitors.  We aim to do this by choosing strategic sites which take account of the volume of people in the immediate vicinity of the defibrillator and also trying our utmost to ensure 24/7/365 access.

Donald Wilson,
Past Lord Provost of Edinburgh

Working in Partnership

We intend to deliver public access defibrillators through a combination of direct fundraising appeals to Edinburgh's citizens and by developing partnerships with any organization, business or otherwise, seeking to contribute to the well-being of our city.

This project presents an ideal opportunity for businesses wanting to make a practical demonstration of their corporate social responsibility whilst raising health awareness with their staff.


"As a Past Lord Provost of this great City
I am eager for us to help save lives
through the
'St John and the City' defibrillator project."

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Why use a Defibrillator?

Out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is a significant healthcare challenge in Scotland.  Approximately 3,500 people undergo attempted resuscitation each year after OHCA, but currently only around 1 in 20 survive to hospital discharge.
Defibrillation works in synergy with CPR, and is most effective the earlier it is performed.  Delivering a defibrillatory electrical shock to the heart within 3-5 minutes of collapse can produce survival rates as high as 75%.

(Source: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, A Strategy for Scotland.  The Scottish Government, March 2015)