St John and the Ciy Defibrillator Project

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Edinburh Castle Garrison Office

Defibrillator Emergency Codes

Each cabinet and defibrillator has a unique Emergency Code.  In the event of an emergency, when calling 999 for help please quote the Emergency Code when transferred to the Ambulance Service.  This allows the emergency services to know the exact location where they are required to go, and which defibrillator is in use. 

It also allows the defibrillator to be returned to the correct location after the emergency is over.


*The defibrillators are currently situated 'on' all Edinburgh Trams.  Anyone needing to use the defibrillator will be able to use the Emergency Help Point Button at any Tram Stop to ask for assistance: the 24/7 manned centre will call the Emergency Services and advise when the next tram with a defibrillator is due at that stop.