St John and the Ciy Defibrillator Project

Hearstart Donor

Donors can be organisations, business or otherwise, and individuals who provide the St John and The City Defibrillator Project with the defibrillators and casings.

Organisations wishing to donate a defibrillator, a casing, or both will have the casings suitably branded to reflect their involvement in the project. 

On-going support is necessary, as every time a defibrillator is used it will require replacement pads.  Every few years the battery will need to be changed too.

Why not text ‘AEDS04£10’ to 70700 on your mobile phone to immediately donate £10 towards the St John and The City Defibrillator Project?

To lend financial support, or if you have any questions about becoming a St John and The City Donor then please Contact Us.