St John and the Ciy Defibrillator Project

Heartstart AED GuardianA Guardian is a nominated person responsible for monitoring one or more PAAEDs.  Their duties will include:

  • Regular site visits to ensure the equipment is operational and the box is undamaged.
  • Maintaining a record of pad and battery life
  • Replenishing supplies when required.
  • Maintaining a maintenance record.
  • Liaison with the St John and The City Coordinator.

Who can be a Guardian?  Anyone who can provide a regular weekly commitment.  This could be a St John volunteer, a person connected with the ‘Host’ or the ‘Donor’, and any other volunteers such as a local first responder or any other caring person.  Being a Guardian can provide an ideal opportunity for a young person to demonstrate their responsibility and good citizenship.

To get involved with the St John and The City Defibrillator Project as a Guardian please Contact Us.