St John and the Ciy Defibrillator Project

St John and the City are grateful to GLM which has become a Project Donor.

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We are GLM. Just as no two buildings are the same we believe in delivering bespoke solutions for our clients. GLM provides a unique combination of fully integrated architect, building surveyor and project manager services. We cover a wide range of client and building type but with a particular emphasis on the adaptation, conservation and transformation of some of the most remarkable buildings and destinations in the country.

GLM heard about the St John and The City defibrillator project knowing the significant lifesaving role they can play and were keen to be involved. For GLM, involvement in the Defibrillator Tram project is another bespoke solution. Social responsible towards buildings and conservation runs through GLM and extending our social responsibility out into the wider community is important to us. Increased familiarity with defibrillators can only increase the likelihood of someone being saved by one – a benefit to all.

GLM Presenting a defibrillator
GLM Presenting a defibrillator